First Days of School

September 11, 2015

Walden School welcomed new and returning families over two days; K-6 students began classes on Thursday, September 10 and Pre-Kindergarten students started school on Friday, September 11.

Both mornings were celebrated with Bagels & Chatter events hosted by Walden School Parent Guild volunteers. Parents gathered in the playgrounds to share coffee and conversation, after the children and teachers went into their classrooms.

Bagels & Chatter Coordinators

Bagels & Chatter Coordinators

Walden values, respects, and supports diversity.  The school defines diversity as all the ways in which people may differ. Walden School’s diverse faculty and student body reflects the school’s commitment to honoring the uniqueness of every person and building an intentional community.

Family Photo Project

Family Photo Project

Principles of diversity inform how Walden teaches an awareness of self and others to children from Pre-K to sixth grade. Through curricular activities, project based service learning, classroom morning meetings, student mentors, and mixed age classes, Walden promotes equity, empathy, compassion, and dialogue.

Check out the First Day of School video here:

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