Competition and Sports

February 5, 2015

How do we teach competition during sporting events at Walden School? PE Teacher Billy Christian talks to students about what it feels like to win and what it feels like to lose. Is it okay for a winning team to gloat? How do we express pride in our victory without gloating?

Conversely, is it okay for a losing team to pout? How do we help our students reflect on the moments in the game that went wrong and how do we persevere and practice our skills to improve over time?

Lower Core teachers see the innate competition that flares up during impromptu soccer games at recess. The North Yard is home to several simultaneous games being played competitively by many different groups before school and at lunchtime. How do we talk to students about navigating these intense emotions that come up during competitive games?

Practicing respect and teamwork, along with technical skills, helps build good sports conduct. At the end of the day, Billy reminds us that games are just that – games! Games are supposed to be fun!

Resources to talk to your children about competition:

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