Walden School Inquiry Fair

April 24, 2014

IMG_4245 IMG_4358 IMG_4399 IMG_4369At Walden School, learning is about being inquisitive through child-led inquiry. By the time students are in 6th Grade, they are ready to take on a months-long research project called “The Inquiry Project.” Students learn essential research and writing skills through content, and conclude by presenting their projects to the entire school community at the annual two-day Inquiry Fair.


Sixth Grade Lead Teacher Danica Dermott explained, “This isn’t just a fact-finding report that strings together a list of trivia, but rather an exploration of deep-seated inquisitiveness that hopefully will end with more questions than they began with. Students sustain interest and take ownership of their learning through this project.”


By learning to share about their interests with all ages, demonstrating through their written work, visual displays, and verbal explanations, Walden sixth graders reveal the depth of their knowledge.


Director Matt Allio said, “As I walked around the room, I spoke with experts on a broad range of inquiry such as The United Nations, Architecture, Surfing, Cheerleading, Artificial Intelligence and Mothers of Technology.  Each 6th grader has been researching their own line of inquiry.  It’s very impressive work.”

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