Grandparents & Grand Friends’ Day at Walden School

April 3, 2014

Grandparents and Grand Friends of students at Walden School visited campus recently on a warm, spring morning. Parent Guild volunteers hosted a reception for the visitors in the South Yard, while the children readied their classrooms.


At the appointed time, sixth grade students escorted the revered visitors to tour the classrooms and learn about the work being done in each grade. Sixth grader Hannah Murphy said, “One of the 6th grade rites of passage is being a mentor to a class for the entire school year.” Mentors visit their classes once a week and build relationships, as well as help teachers with the younger students. Murphy continued, “We are role models, we all really love our mentor classes, and this helps everyone understand the value that exists in inter-generational relationships. I learn so much from my Pre-K buddies.”


Students performed selections from their upcoming Spring Sing with a theme of “Creative Women: An Exploration of Music, Dance, and Storytelling.” Singer Ella Fitzgerald, author Patricia Polacco, and environmental activist Rachel Carson are just a few of the remarkable women that were represented in the performances.


Director Matt Allio shared, “Grandparents & Grand Friends’ Day is one of the most exciting and important days of the year for our community. Their presence on campus today, and throughout the lives of the students, amplifies the importance of our school’s educational process.” At Walden School, teachers work with students to question the status quo in an informed and respectful manner. Through this thoughtful questioning, and using the academic program as the platform, Walden students are positioned to make progress in society.

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