Love is…

February 14, 2014


This blog post is by the Pre-K Kakapo Parrots.


Jack “You love someone, that means you like them very much.”

Malena “Kiss and Hug.”

Ceili “When you love people so like you hug and kiss your mom and dad and brother.”

Lily Rose “Is a feeling.”


Keisari “Being nice to friends, giving hugs to friends when they get hurt.”

Kennedy “We don’t hurt people.”

Allegra “Love your mom and me.”

Michael “Hugging people, caring for people.”


Pema “Taking care of the whole school.”

Brandon “Being respectful.”

Jalen “It feels good everywhere.”

Kieran “My mom me loves soooo much, a lot!”


Luca “To play with your friends.”

Lyra “Sharing toys and centering.”

Eden “When somebody falls down and they get hurt, you should help them up and bring them to the teacher.”


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