September 5, 2013

102, 520 tons of trash were sent in one year from Pasadena to Scholl Canyon Landfill, according to the most recent data (2011) from County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works. That is equal to almost fifteen thousand elephants!


(Photo courtesy Taylor Gill)

At Walden School, we teach that we are all responsible for stewardship of the world. How can we reduce the amount of trash generated at school and divert it from our landfills? Every day Walden students look for ways big and small that make a real difference in the world.

One way is to consider trash-less lunches. Reusable lunch bags, utensils, and cloth napkins combined with thermoses, reusable water bottles, and food containers can save a family hundreds of dollars each year. Buying disposable plastic bags, paper napkins, juice boxes and individually packaged servings of food can add almost ten dollars per week to a child’s lunch costs.

14, 137 pounds of lunch waste is the estimated average that says a school of Walden’s size probably would generate in one year, if students and parents were not committed to trash-less lunches. That is about equal to one elephant! By reducing packaging and food waste, reusing lunch containers, and recycling where possible, Walden School students and families are making a difference.

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