All-School Open House

May 24, 2013

Last night, Walden School halls were buzzing with enthusiastic children showing their families around the classrooms and explaining what goes on at school. All of the classrooms were open and teachers met with parents to show off students’ accomplishments and curriculum developments.

The All-School Open House is an annual opportunity for each student to tour their family through their classrooms and present their work from the student point-of-view. Bulletin boards were crammed with student work and many of the classrooms were transformed into galleries of culminating projects and student presentations.

This morning, teachers gathered for an In-Service while students got a jump-start on the Memorial Day weekend holiday. Director of Studies Terra Toscano took the staff and faculty on a walkabout through the classrooms highlighting the curriculum in each grade level. Teachers were excited to see the connections between each other’s classrooms and the chance to see how each core builds skills and competencies for the next level of growth and development. Director Matt Allio thanked all of the teachers for their extra work, commitment, and momentum to showcasing the good work of the students.

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