Walden School 6th Grade Play

May 16, 2013

IMG_0762On Friday, May 10, 2013 Walden’s sixth graders presented a play that they wrote, designed, and performed themselves. Inspired by last year’s class play “Olympic Idol,” the Class of 2013 wrote “Olympus’ Got Talent.” Students used “The Hero’s Journey” as a narrative structure, which is commonly found in both Greek and modern day stories.

The characters start in an ordinary world where they have a call to adventure.  They cross the threshold into a new world where they face their darkest hour.  They return transformed, ready to share their story with the audience. Using recess as the backdrop for the ordinary world of Walden School, the characters discover a hidden underworld in the (imaginary) basement of the school. Storybook characters have been highjacked to do the bidding of The Man In White who is trying to take over the world. The characters must use their minds to outwit the evildoers and restore harmony to the school and un-chain those who had been enslaved by The Man in White.

Students performed during the school day for their peers and again in the evening for parents, friends, alumni, and guests in the Toby Hayward Community Room.  Sixth Grade Lead Teacher Danica Dermott said, “the kids were excited to share this original theater creation with their audiences! It was a special and successful production.” Proceeds from concessions donations went towards the students’ learning projects to promote sustainability.

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