Grandparents & Grand Friends Day

March 28, 2013

“Grandparents & Grand Friends’ Day is one of the most exciting, and important, days of the year for Walden School students and community,” said Walden’s Director Matt Allio. Over two hundred grandparents and “grand” friends visited Walden’s campus on Thursday, March 28, 2013.

At Walden School, students are taught to question the status quo in an informed and respectful manner. Through this thoughtful questioning, and using the academic program as a platform, Walden students are positioned to make progress in society. Allio thanked the visitors by saying, “your presence today, and throughout the lives of the students, amplifies the importance of this educational process.”

Prominent twentieth century educator and philosopher John Dewey wrote, “it is the aim of progressive education to take part in correcting unfair privilege and unfair deprivation, not to perpetuate them.”  By promoting equity, empathy, compassion, and dialogue, students at Walden School learn to value and respect diversity. Grandparents & Grand Friends’ Day is an annual event at Walden School where children are proud to showcase their work and to meet each other’s extended families. Many visitors travel from out of state to spend this special day with their grandchildren.


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