Miss Representation

February 21, 2013

This blog entry is re-posted from Miss Representation.org. As we prepare to screen this film as part of Walden School’s Parent Education Speaker Series on Wednesday, February 27, 2013, this call to action seemed in concert with our school’s philosophy to be mindful of potential gender bias and how to raise media-aware children.

This weekend, as we watch the 85th annual Academy Awards, we’ll have yet another opportunity to point out the vast discrepancies in how the media represents gender. While the “red carpet” coverage at the Oscars is devoted primarily to admiring the way women present themselves aesthetically, the actual ceremony will feature very few women accepting awards on stage. In fact, only one of the nine Best Picture nominees this year was directed by a woman, and there isn’t a single woman nominated in the majority of the prestigious behind-the-scenes categories (Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Editor, or Best Cinematographer). In the 85 year history of the Academy Awards, only one woman has ever won Best Director. Comparing the focus on women’s fashion during the “red carpet” pre-show to their lack of actual nominations at the most prestigious film event of the year reinforces the idea that women are more valuable for the way they look than for what they say or do.

So while we’re thrilled that The Invisible War has been recognized in the Best Documentary category, it’s undeniable that many other amazing films created by or about women were completely overlooked this year. And since we know that 90% of Academy voters are white and 77% are men, it’s up to us to speak up and demand more diverse representation at the Oscars.

Share this video highlighting some of the best films directed by women in 2012 that were overlooked by the Academy, and join Women’s Media Center‘s live-chat during the event, using hashtag #OscarWomen, to continue the conversation.

Together let’s raise awareness around the underrepresentation of women in Hollywood and inspire future Academy voters to be more inclusive!


The MissRepresentation.org Team

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