Young Alumni

October 4, 2012

Eight alumni from Walden School’s Class of 2011 conducted a panel discussion recently for current Walden students preparing to matriculate to middle school next year. Sixth graders and their families assembled in the Toby Hayward Community Room as the alumni panelists revealed their diverse paths after graduating from Walden. This annual event is designed to provide sixth grade students with an alumni perspective of life after Walden. Sixth Grade Teacher Danica Dermott moderated the discussion and hosted a casual dinner for the panelists before the event.

Participants this year were Evan Chang’11, Barnhart School; Sam Clark’11, Polytechnic School; Clarice D’Angelo’11, Marshall Fundamental School; Sophia Hess’11, Waverly School; Lukas Hutzler’11, Chandler School; Matthew McClain’11, Oakwood School; John Murphy’11, Flintridge Preparatory School; and Violet Smith’11, Westridge School.

Each eighth grader represented their current school with panache and articulated thoughtful answers to the questions posed. “Staying on top of your homework is a major responsibility of being in middle school. If you need help from your parents to remind you, ask for help,” said Evan when asked about the workload of middle school. John added, “many schedules have a built-in free period or study hall and those are great times to get your homework done.”

Walden School encourages responsibility and initiative through its child-led inquiry projects. The alumni panelists unanimously repeated that they felt well-prepared for middle school when they graduated from sixth grade at Walden.

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