September 27, 2012

Walden School recently hosted three Back-to-School-Nights, one for each of its three core divisions. Parents were invited to a short talk in the Toby Hayward Community Room where Parent Guild Coordinators Gabby Klatsky and Kirsten Harbers introduced the logistics of ordering Hot Lunch and other website features. Director of Studies Terra Toscano welcomed the parents and encouraged them to be partners in their child’s education with active participation in the classroom. Terra said, “Walden School is committed to teachers who are committed to students. One of the things that we know about education is that a healthy faculty make a healthy school. We are proud to continue our partnership with Columbia University’s Teachers College and this fall marks the beginning of a new partnership with USC.” Terra went on to explain some of the highlights of the curriculum including a focus on differentiated instruction in the classroom.

Director Matt Allio finished each presentation with a viewing of Ted Talk’s Natalie Warne and exhorted parents and teachers to be mindful of those small moments that impact a child’s life. Teachers hosted their students’ parents in each classroom with a chance to see the materials being used and to hear an overview of the planned curriculum for the year. Pre-Kindergarten Director Tina Riddle surprised her parents with a slide show of this year’s students as the backdrop for her discussion of a day in the life of a Pre-K student at Walden School. While Riddle explained the schedule and the early childhood development theory behind the curriculum, first-time parents of young children were comforted to see visual evidence of how happy their kids are during the school day.

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