K-6 First Day of School

September 13, 2012

“But if you ask what is the good of education in general, the answer is easy: that education makes good men, and that good men act nobly.”


On the first day of school for K-6th grade students at Walden School, children acting nobly was apparent as new students were welcomed into the community and friendships were sparked, strengthened, and renewed.

Director Matt Allio spent the day in classrooms and on the playground enjoying the Opening Day experience with all the students. “Clearly, there is no other day like it in the school year, and the anticipation, goodwill, enthusiasm, and preparedness are apparent everywhere one walks on campus,” Matt said.

After the children entered the classrooms, parents congregated in the South Yard playground to enjoy bagels and coffee provided by Parent Guild volunteers. Relaxed and comfortable with each other, Walden parents caught up on summer adventures and conversed about school year plans. Director of Studies Terra Toscano remarked, “Walden is a vibrant community intentionally designed with events that encourage relationship building, connectivity, and education.” The first day of school events include this morning time for parents to be together and share the joys of Opening Day.

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