Advice from 6th graders

September 7, 2012

Walden School Director Matt Allio asked two sixth graders what advice they wanted to give to students new to Walden this year. Here are their unedited responses:

Ezra Van Rooyen, Walden School Class of 2013

One thing I think about Walden is that it’s a place that you can share your ideas openly. If you’re having a problem, you can go to any teacher for help because the teachers take time to know every kid. (And don’t make Drew, the science teacher, fussy!)

Isabella Quispe, Walden School Class of 2013

When I think of Walden, I think of the Walden community and the environment.  The definition for community, in my perspective, is a family that works together to make a caring community a reality.  So at Walden the community is the students and the teachers.

When you usually think of environment you think of nature and animals.  That is one half of it, but the other half is your learning environment.  This means your classroom and fellow classmates.  So when I welcome you to your new community and environment, I say that when you feel left out or need some help, think of the 6th graders as your big brothers and sisters because Walden is your family.

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