May 31, 2012

Pre-Kindergarten “Velvet Worms” talk about peace…

Peace is being nice to other people. It’s helping them to be nice to other people. (Cooper)
Peace is not being angry. It’s being happy. (Claire)

Mindfulness is being calm. Peace is when you’re calm, kind and respectful with other people. (Saachi)
Mindfulness is being calm, quiet, peaceful, treating others nicely. (Amelia)

Mindfulness helps you to be kind and respectful. (Aidan)

Mindfulness is peace. It’s being calm and quiet so we don’t hurt anybody. (Will)

Peace is when you say “thank-you” nicely. (Declan)

Mindfulness is learning to be calm. It’s being okay to be quiet to myself. (Tristan)

Mindfulness is love. (Sami)

Mindfulness is when you center and it makes you calm and relaxed. It helps you to be peace and not to be angry. (Adrian)

Mindfulness is relaxing your body and getting more energy back. (Jonah)

Being peaceful means giving to others and not just taking everything. It’s playing nice and not fighting. (Vivian)

Mindfulness helps you to be quiet so you can have peace with your friends. (Alex)

Being peace means you give other people kisses and so then you’re nice to them. (Melissa)

Peace means you are quiet with yourself so you can be kind to other people. (Desmond)

Mindfulness is peace, love, kindness. It’s thinking and about what you’re thinking so other people can have love from us. (Wyatt)

When you do mindfulness you shut your eyes and breathe in and breathe out. It’s to get your body quiet so you can be peaceful. (Huxley)

Mindfulness is being kind and peaceful. It makes you nice and helps you share so other people want to be with you. (Cassidy)

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