Roots & Wings

April 5, 2012

Pre-Kindergarten student Wyatt Brown woke up on Thursday, April 5th shouting, “It’s Grandparents’ Day!” to the delight of his grandmother, Olivia Brown. Walden School hosted hundreds of Grandparents and Grand Friends on campus, with students leading activities, showing off their work in the classrooms, and performing in the Toby Hayward Community Room. Mrs. Brown observed, “the school is full of joy, everywhere one turns. Everyone is so happy to be here, today!”

Dick and Carol Hendrickson, grandparents of Henry Bryan (Walden School Class of 2017), take pleasure in coming to this annual event. Mrs. Hendrickson marveled how the teachers are in tune with each individual child and know their needs and abilities. Mr. Hendrickson was impressed that Director Matt Allio knows the names of all the children, parents, and grandparents and greets everyone by name! Henry interviewed his grandparents and asked questions about when and where they grew up and how their childhood differed from his. He especially wanted his grandparents to see the 3-D connecting blocks and the globe in his classroom.

Assistant Teacher Denise Zepeda wished she had brought her Grandma! “Watching the students learning about things they did not previously know about their grandparents is fantastic. Exploring family history together, one student was shocked to learn that video games did not exist when his grandfather was a young boy!”

Hideo Lathan (Class of 2018) hosted his large extended family including his great-grandmother, Bobbe Davis, three grandparents, and his parents! Grandma Gail Davis appreciated watching Hideo so obviously enjoying learning in his classroom. Grandma Marguerite Lathan adored the artwork of the children and the warm, comforting sense of peace throughout the school.

The students in Stephanie Townes’ K/1 class asked each visitor where they were originally from. This elicited a surprisingly diverse range of responses, with families tracing back to points around the world! The children were also curious to know what their Grandparents and Grand Friends did before retirement! Townes noted that her students were particularly excited to share their work and introduce their friends.

Parent Guild volunteers prepared a lovely outdoor reception in the South Yard playground, and the students sang to entertain their visitors. The campus was buzzing with activity, as students proudly gave tours to their Grandparents and Grand Friends.

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