Our Garden (by Linda’s Third Grade)

March 22, 2012

Charlie Morris

I am sad for anyone who sees our garden but does not see its marvels or the care we give it. My favorite part of gardening is watering. Our chickens like to explore our garden and we do, too.

Alex Canani

I like being in the garden because when we water our plants, I get to see how the plants grow. Then I came in a day and they are huge; the peas get huge. We have earthboxes, raised beds, hay bale, herb garden, and compost. One of my favorite places is the herb garden because it’s beautiful and next to the herb garden are the chickens. They are so funny because they peck our fingers. It’s painful but it’s funny.

Oscar Bortz

It really is fun to plant and watch the seed turn into a full-grown plant. We did earthboxes which is a plastic box with dirt but we drilled some holes in them and threw some stuff away and we carried about 500 gallons to our earthboxes and raised beds. Once, my friend Gabriel brought about 2 gallons and he was about 2 inches away from his earthbox and dropped it!

Gabriel Hackel

In the past 4 or 5 months, I’ve learned so much I would hate to see it go. The most fun for me is harvesting. For one, I love to eat and for two, I love good food. In my earthbox, I am growing carrots, peas, spinach, and strawberries. In our raised beds, we have peas, carrots, kale, lettuce, strawberries, and radishes. And in pots we have onions and raspberries.

Isabel Angus

When you come to Walden, it’s so fun because there’s a garden for everyone. There’s peas and flowers and lettuce and seeds and kale and trees.

Corina Dunn

I really like the garden because we get to see our vegetables grow and because we learn the process of gardening.

Alexandra Nash

Our garden has earthboxes. They are portable self-watering containers. My earthbox has peas in it and they are 10 cm. It is so beautiful how the blossoms get pollinated after a while and turn into pea pods. We have three trees in our garden: an orange tree, lime tree, and a peach.

Isabel Gilford

This is my first time really gardening. Me and my friend sing to a tree that we have and also named that tree. We named her Oringegiana because it’s an orange tree. We also have different trees: a lemon tree and a peach tree.

The different things we have that are in our raised beds are the peas, lettuce, strawberries, and turnip.

We own our own little earthboxes. What I’m growing in mine is pea, lettuce, strawberries, and spinach. They’re each sprouting but I’m pretty sure my peas will grow before April.

We have two chickens. They’re both girls named Robin and Celista. And sometimes we make breakfast out of their eggs.

Ethan Pasette

I think it is pretty fun doing garden work and didn’t really like gardening before now. By the school we go to, we have an area that we call “the beach” and in the beach we have chickens. I think chickens are great. There is so much to do with them like petting them, collecting the eggs every day, and even just watching them roam around. Another good thing about the beach is there is a garden and the garden has two uses. One, the chickens roam around there and two, we get some herbs from these plants. We also have our own garden across the way through the gate on the other side. If you have kids of your own, one place to look into coming is Walden School because there’s no place like Walden.

Sally Phelan

I really like gardening because you could have a lot of fun. My favorite part is when you carry the water. You could get wet. We have chickens. We built an area for them to play. We put the chicken’s poo in our compost. You should come to Walden School. It’s fun.

Jackson Koos

I love the garden. It is nice. This is what’s in it: turnips, lettuce, beets, and peas. That’s what’s in Bed One. Carrots and one pea is in Bed Two. Kale, strawberries, and cauliflower is in Bed Three. But don’t forget the herbs and haybales. We and some other classes planted all of these plants from seeds except for the strawberries.

Ry Smith

I really like planting in the garden and the herb garden. We carried 500 gallons (of dirt).

Clementine Smith

In our garden, we planted peas, kale, carrots and stuff like that. Our class also made earthboxes. We had a lot of fun making them. We also have chickens. They help us grow our garden. It’s a cycle: they first eat; then they poop and the poop helps the garden grow.

Henry Boldes

I love the garden because my earthbox is cool. My spinach, chives, and onions are coming up and it’s really exciting. In our beds, we have lettuce that tasted good, kale, cauliflower, carrots, and peas. We also have chickens.

Lucien Lindemulder

I like (our garden) because we get to eat peas, kale, lettuce, and hopefully soon strawberries and carrots. The biggest problem is we have to pick up chicken doo-doo and there is a big-ish barrel that we spin and spin. It spins so the compost gets composted.

Ana Alduenda-Markey

My favorite part of the chickens is holding the chickens and feeding them and watching them eat grass and worms. The chickens’ names are Robben and Blacky. My favorite part of the garden is my earthbox and my peas and lettuce and the “limeaid” lime tree.

MayaJula Le

We have a garden across the alleyway. The plants that we have are carrots, lettuce, cauliflower, kale, peas, and strawberries. It is a great experience to see the stages of the plants! We have two chickens. The chickens like to explore the garden. We have a lot of fun in the garden.

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